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As a trusted and experienced military contract manufacturing partner, Phillips-Medisize brings the latest advancements to our armed forces and incorporates them into the products and equipment they use every day in the field. For more than 40 years, we have worked with a wide range of materials, methods and technologies to develop equipment that is compact, functional, rugged, lightweight, and easy and intuitive to operate.

Our Expertise

Complex, integrated assemblies for the defense industry — from military communication components to heavily regulated, highly documented applications.  

Defense Design, Development, Engineering 

From design to assembly, Phillips-Medisize delivers innovative solutions that comply with the strictest military standards (MIL-STDs) and performance requirements. Offerings include:

  • Quality, durable rugged devices that withstand even the toughest conditions
  • Sand-, dust- and water-tight technologies
  • Large, lightweight components, as well as micro-sized solutions 
  • Integrated items to achieve maximum functionality in fewer parts
  • Full product assembly and testing
  • Supply chain management 
  • The highest levels of confidentiality

Phillips-Medisize understands the importance of securing your information. Within our state-of-the-art ISO-certified design and manufacturing facilities, many steps have been taken to protect designs, including:

  • In-house tooling and design areas
  • Secure shielded areas on the manufacturing floor 
  • Dedicated team members, including program managers
  • Full product traceability, documentation and serialization
  • Secure data transfer and data storage that meets ITAR requirements


White Paper

New technologies for modernizing and improving ground soldier equipment.

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Case Study
Sniffing Out Threats – Next-Generation Device

Phillips-Medisize and FLIR® partnered from the start, to develop a device more durable, reliable, portable, and intuitive to use than its predecessor.

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Magnesium Injection Molding (MAG)

MAG is an established, proven technology. Ideal for defense organizations looking to produce parts lighter and stronger than aluminum, magnesium can be finished with a variety of decorative methods.

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