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MIM Handgun

U.S.-made MIM Handgun Manufacturing

Magnum Research is the company behind the legendary Desert Eagle .50AE (Action Express) semi-automatic magnum handgun. The company partnered with Phillips-Medisize to metal injection mold (MIM) parts for the handgun. For the first time in its history, the Desert Eagle pistol is manufactured entirely within the United States by Magnum Research.

Phillips-Medisize created two family molds and eight single-cavity molds to make a total of 12 Desert Eagle .50AE parts for Magnum Research. These components are manufactured in Phillips-Medisize’s dedicated Metal Injection Molding (MIM) facility.

The Desert Eagle Pistol Has Star Power

While Magnum Research has never paid fees for product placement, the Desert Eagle is extremely popular among filmmakers and prop masters. The pistol has appeared in countless films, television shows, video games, online entertainment, and other media as it might out of the box – perhaps enhanced with a custom finish or special grips. Occasionally, as in The Matrix, the gun is used as a base for massive customization. 


“Phillips-Medisize leads the pack among our suppliers in terms of service, quality and speed.”

– Jim Tertin, Director of Manufacturing, Magnum Research



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