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MIM’s Benefits for Firearm Manufacturing

Law enforcement agencies and military personnel require primary and backup pistols that are easy to operate, lightweight, and reliable. These traits are also ideal for personal protection and practical shooting among civilian users.

Diamondback Firearms, Inc. partnered with Phillips-Medisize and its metal injection molding (MIM) process to meet market demand for a high-quality, concealed-carry backup firearm with the DB380.


Pistols that are high quality, easy to operate, lightweight, and reliable are in demand for law enforcement, military, and civilian personal protection and practical shooting.


To develop an easy to operate, lightweight, and reliable .380 ACP that meets market demand for a high-quality, concealed carry backup firearm.


Partner with metal injection molding expert Phillips-Medisize to perform design optimization and manufacturing of four parts that required tight tolerances to achieve optimum performance. 


“Our part design specifications were almost unmachinable from a production standpoint.

Phillips-Medisize helped make our high-quality, lightweight parts not only capable of manufacturing, but also able to be produced in large quantities.

As a result, we were able to create one of the lightest .380 ACP firearms available in the market today.”

Bobby Horan, President, Diamondback Firearms, Inc. 



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